Nouf A. Al-Juaid

SpecialityVice President of Human Resources, International Systems Engineering

Nouf joined International Systems Engineering in 2021. With over 17 years’ experience Nouf has held numerous roles developing talent and capability in leading organisations including BAE systems Saudi Arabia, Boeing Saudi Arabia and SRSC.

Nouf is certified by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and was awarded: “CIPD HR rising star”, “Best Female Working Environment – Labour Award” and BAE Chairmen Bronze award “Innovative Social Media Talent Attraction.”

Nouf and her team are celebrating the success of Information Technology Developing You (ITDY), an International Systems Engineering development program approved by the TVTC and meeting global standards. ITDY was designed to build talented leaders for the digital age inspired by Vision 2030.

Nouf also aspires to become a CIPD Fellow with a focus on organisational cultural development and the future of work.

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